Houhai Sat. Night English Corner event info

  1. Time:
    For every Sat. night, 8:00 – 10:00 P.M.
  2. Location:
    UnitedSky cafe (for direction, check out ref. 1 below)
  3. Description:
    Free style, No fee, No need for registration
  4. Reference
    1. Ref 1: Guide to UnitedSky cafe
      map-for-the-unitedsky-cafeTips: The nearest metro station exit is D1. There is a DJI Store on the opposite side of the street, and the cafe is on the left hand side of the OK mall’s southeastern entry.

1. BMG: Debussy – Children’s Corner
2. For the documentation of the event, check here.

Documentation of Houhai Sat. Night English Corner (後海(深圳南山)週六夜英語角)

0. This is the documentation of the event “Houhai Sat. Night English Corner”, published on Douban.com by user “IAMEVANHE”.

  1. The event is designed with these principles (and hence actions):
    1. That the event is non-profit
    2. That the event is for advanced English speakers, which is relised by:
      1. That the event is held at a cafe shop, which means most participants can support themselves economically in SZ.
      2. That the description is written in English, which means most participants can read English
    3. That the event is for people living in Nanshan district, not only in Houhai, achieved by:
      1. That The location is near Houhai metro station
    4. The the event is strangers and privacy friendly, made possible by:
      1. The location is a public one, not a private one
      2. There is no need to register for coming to the event
    5. That the event is spontaneous, because:
      1. The timing is fixed
      2. The location is fixed (noted on 2016/09/10: not fixed yet)
      3. The discount from the shop is fixed (noted on 2016/09/10: no discount yet)
    6. That the event is healthy and relaxing, because:
      1. The timing ranges from 20:00 – 22:00 PM
  2. Below is the documentation of the event:
    1. 2016/09/03, the first event, with 4 people at Salad Tower. The drinks there are too healthy.
    2. 2016/09/10, the second event, with 9 people at UnitedSky. UnitedSky seems to be a great choice for the fixed location.
    3. 2016/09/17, the third event, with 9 people at UnitedSky, again, which is meant to be the default location of the event.
    4. 2016/09/24, the fourth event, assisted by B., is with aprox. 15 attendees with the time and location fixed.
    5. 2016/10/01, the fifth event has 5 people, with, again, fixed time and location.
    6. 2016/10/08, the sixth event has 8 people, with again, fixed time and location.
    7. 2016/10/15, the 7th event has 8 people, with again, fixed time and location.
    8. 2016/10/22, the 8th event has 24 people, with again, fixed time and location.
    9. Fixed location and timing until further notice.




能將一種信息轉化為另一種信息的設備叫傳感器。能將進光量的信息轉化為電學信息的傳感器叫光電傳感器。主流數碼相機用的(光電)傳感器是CMOS或CCD;CCD比CMOS效果好一點, 造價高一點。我們一般會不嚴謹地將相機裡的x*y(比如6,000*4,000)個橫豎排列的光電傳感器矩陣稱為“傳感器”。“傳感器”裡面的每一個小的光電傳感器對應圖片里的一個像素點。




British English Accent consumables

To have a British accent, one needs to have a series of “British English Accent” practices in his or her life.

The practices can be using British accent or consuming British accent stuffs.

I can share a few British accent stuffs that I consume. As for the chances of using British accent, well, be creative, and come up with your own methodology.

The stuffs I want to share is called Youtube:

  1. GradeA UnderA
  2. The Economist the magazine
  3. Derren Brown
  4. Queen Elizabeth the second in The British Monarchy
  5. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Click on the links, and you will know what I mean.